2 coils in one? Double the depth?

13 Oct

Being fascinated by the number eight shape design of metal detector like Nexus, there is a thought which crossed my mind, could the two overlapping loops be providing double the depth search of a regular, singular loop?
What about coils like Detech? They seem to also be two overlapping loops.

Comparing a Nexus metal detector search coil against a Detech search coil of the same size, the Nexus coil goes deeper and I was unsure why.  After some research it came to my attention that the Nexus search coils has a larger search window inbetween the two overlapping loops, being perfectly circular, where Detech coils, though offering extra depth in comparison to the regular single circular loops, have a smaller search window due to the shape being more eliptical than round.



Does the coil size mean an even deeper metal detector?

13 Oct

Metal detector professionals believe the electronic circuit board could be the key to how deep a metal detector will discover finds.  A good electronic circuit board will definately provide an edge, however it does not seem to be the key secret to deeper finds. Looking at a metal detector like Nexus Ultima  with a 20 inch search coil it shows a remarkable depth in comparison to metal detectors with smaller search coils.  Tuned at 5 different frequencies, it reaches a depth of even 3 meters under ground.  Having tested this metal detector it brought a new idea about what I previously believed to be the truth.

Deepest seeking metal detector? Which one is it?

9 Oct

You’re a metal detector enthusiast, new to the hobby or even a professional, the question will always remain what is the best metal detector, the deepest, the most powerful on the market at this current stage?

We look today at a more recently added to the market metal detector called Nexus.  The claims are impressive and there are some success stories published.

Having first hand experience with a Nexus Standard SE, it is confirmed to be true that they are as deep as they say.  It is a machine for professional use, it also has a dedicated beach function.

On the first day out it was learning to settings, it seems complicated at first and once you learn how to use it you can understand the signal, which one is worth digging and which one to ignore.